Be one Step ahead, Choose the iPad Application Leader.
The Most Complete IPad Solution:

  • Frame choice: the photos of the end-user trying on new frames are displayed in full screen or split screen to help the comparison. The frame selection only takes few seconds.

  • Augmented reality simulations: Thanks to augmented reality simulations, spectacle wearers can finally see the performances of their new lenses. High quality simulations are extremely realistic and allow patients to experience the advantages.

  • PD measurements: All the measurements required for manufacturing custom made lenses are available on Smart Mirror Mobile App: PD, Fitting Heigh, Pantoscopic Tilt, Wrap, Vertex Distance, Reading Distance, Best Corridor Lengh detection, etc. The measurement is easy, quick and accurate. Measurements can be sent digitally. iPad solution allows the optician to offer his presbyopic customers progressive lenses perfectly adapted to their needs in near vision.


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