Smart Glass Market Is Driven By The Rapidly Growing Construction Industry Across The Globe

Smart glass which is also called as switchable glass (similarly smart windows or switchable windows in those applications) is the type of glazing or glass and its light transmitting properties are modified by applying heat, light or voltage. In general, the glass changes its mode from translucent to transparent by changing from inhibiting all the wavelengths of the light by enabling light pass through. When the smart glass is installed within building envelopes, it creates climate adaptive building shells. In building engineering, climate-adaptive building shell (CABS) is a term used to define the collection of roofs and facades that interrelate with the instability in their environment in a dynamic way. Climate adaptive building shells are having the capability to change with time.

Increasing demand for the smart glass can be attributed to rapidly increasing residential and commercial construction projects across the globe. In addition, smart glass aids to add an aesthetic look to the building which is fueling the demand and supporting growth of the global market. Smart glass is becoming popular significantly, which can be attributed to its excellent properties including the integral ability of acoustic and thermal insulation, visual 3D designer proposition, and energy- efficiency. This is resulting in its widespread application in various industries such as solar power generation, electronics, etc. and further propelling growth of the smart glass market.

However, the availability of alternative options such as decals & coatings and chemical glazes is a major aspect which may challenge the demand for smart glass.

The type of smart glass includes electrochromic, thermochromic, SPD (Suspended-Particle Devices), and PDLC (Polymer-Dispersed Liquid-Crystal Devices). The electrochromic is becoming popular owing to lessened response timespan for applying glass effects at minimalized energy consumption and capability to deliver high blockage ratio of harmful ultra-violet and infrared rays.



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