Be one Step ahead, Choose the iPad Application Leader!


The Most Complete iPad Solution:


  • Frame choice: the photos of the end-user trying on new frames are displayed in full screen or split screen to help the comparison. The frame selection only takes few seconds.

  • Augmented reality simulations: Thanks to augmented reality simulations, spectacle wearers can finally see the performances of their new lenses. High quality simulations are extremely realistic and allow patients to experience the advantages.

  • PD measurements: All the measurements required for manufacturing custom made lenses are available on Smart Mirror Mobile App: PD, Fitting Heigh, Pantoscopic Tilt, Wrap, Vertex Distance, Reading Distance, Best Corridor Lengh detection, etc. The measurement is easy, quick and accurate. Measurements can be sent digitally. iPad solution allows the optician to offer his presbyopic customers progressive lenses perfectly adapted to their needs in near vision. 



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The High Tech To Boost Up Your Custom-Made Lens Sales

PD measurement systems are nowadays a must-have for selling custom-made lenses. The e-Column system – developed by Acep – brings all the required features to a reliable, simple, quick, easy, well designed and technologically one step ahead hardware equipment.

3 decisive advantages: Simplicity, Rapidity, Accuracy:

  • Simplicity : a video system with a built-in touchscreen, e-Column requires no mouse or keyboard. Its intuitive and immediate use doesn’t require any training. The end-user just has to let himself be guided.

  • Rapidity: Measurement is done right away based on an on-screen frozen image. Results are provided within 20 seconds. The computed results could be saved and accessed later on for a-posteriori checks.

  • Accuracy: Thanks to the automatic search software, all the measurements needed for the lens centering are available from a single picture. The accuracy of the measurements is optimal.



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The Virtual Reality Experience For a Renewed Customer Relationship

The Smart VR experience allows opticians to change and revolutionize their in-store customer relationship.

As a tool that brings true added value, Smart VR helps you illustrate the different lens coatings available while showing their benefits.

Customers are brought – in real time – into another dimension for a unique and breathtaking experience.


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The eyewear virtual try-on for your store

At least an application that really allows you support you sales/advisory services. Smart Look quickly analyses the customer’s face outline and chooses and the right shape among 7 major possibilities. Smart Look will present, in augmented reality the frame shapes that fit best the customer’s face features, while taking into account skin, hair and eye colors and with his lifestyle.

Smart Look allows you to take the opportunity of this sales/advices moment to illustrate your visagist optician argument. Thanks to this interactive terminal, your customer will be able – would he wish so – to freely discover all the frame models he didn’t think of. Smart Look takes its place in a new digitalized customer journey in your store.



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Let The Technology In Your Stores

The application – which could be controlled from your smartphone – offers tests for near and far vision. These tests will allow you to measure the monocular and binocular acuity but also to detect horizontal or vertical heterophoria thanks to polarizing and anaglyph tests. Moreover you will check 3 levels of binocular vision on top of the color perception.

Even though it can control a good binocular comfort, Vision Test will be very useful during the delivery of the progressive lens equipment, at the selling desk, to confirm your customer the suitability of his new spectacles while showing him the modernity of your professional tools. No more card box Parinaud test held at 33cm! A tool that belongs to the digital era.


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