If you will search for ‘how to enhance customer experience’ you can find a thousands of articles and blogs offering insights and stories about analysing and improving customer experience. These numerous results definitely showcase that ‘Customer Experience’ has become a new brand compelling leaders to come out with newer and innovative ways. Following the reality augmentation technologies, businesses have started employing augmented reality or AR to offer innovative way to support customers’ decision making during purchase. It also helps enhance overall customer experience.

Below are the ways in which businesses are using AR to enhance customer experience.

Enable Customers to Make Informed Decisions

AR enables customers make informed decisions while buying certain products. For example, while purchasing furniture, retailers can roll out apps allowing customers to transform their home to a virtual showroom. In this virtual setup they can try out various types of furniture and project them in 3D. They can place it in any room to understand which furniture would be suitable for their homes. Using this immersive technology, businesses can eliminate the uncertainty involved in buying products at an online platform. Similarly, for businesses which sell clothes, accessories, glasses, and makeup can utilize AR to help customers in making informed decisions. Making use of AR-based product trials, businesses can effectively reduce return rates.

Help Customers Find Trending Products

The customers, today, prefer to buy products which are trending. Now businesses using AR can help them find such products of their preference. The trending products can be displayed by businesses through virtual product catalogs or showrooms. To help customers buy trending products companies can display the number of likes for different products that are collected from different social networks. Businesses can also integrate this service in-store and customers can open an app and point their smartphone camera to a specific product to view the total number of likes it received.

Teach New Skills to Customers

Educating customers about different products and services and teaching them various skills can contribute as an effective way to enhance customer experience and customer loyalty. Stationery brands, for example, can develop an AR-enabled coloring book app that can replace mobile games in order to teach kids and adults about different artistic concepts and help them build essential skills. Additionally, businesses can educate their customers about different features and core functionalities of a product.

Immersive Experiences for Customers

Companies can create in-store AR-experiences for customers using apps. These apps can be used by customers to unlock interactive visuals by pointing their smartphone camera at specific objects. For instance, a coffee shop having interactive artworks installed can inform customers about the roasting and brewing process, products, and facts about coffee after being scanned by a smartphone. Also retailers can use in-store AR technology to display ads about different products. Creating an immersive experience for customers, organizations can offer a unique and fun in-store experience.

Enabling Self-Service Support

Companies can allow customers to self-service purchased products using AR technology. Customers can use smartphones to view a product’s knowledge base, including manuals, training instructions, and FAQs using an AR-based overlay. Such solutions can direct customers in setting up or using different functionalities of a product. This will subsequently eliminate the need for ‘call customer support’.

Info: https://www.analyticsinsight.net/leveraging-ar-enhance-customer-experience/

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