The High Tech To Boost Up Your Custom-Made Lens Sales.
3 decisive advantages: Simplicity, Rapidity, Accuracy:


PD measurement systems are nowadays a must-have for selling custom-made lenses. The e-Column system – developed by Acep – brings all the required features to a reliable, simple, quick, easy, well designed and technologically one step ahead hardware equipment.

1. Simplicity : a video system with a built-in touchscreen, e-Column requires no mouse or keyboard. Its intuitive and immediate use doesn’t require any training. The end-user just has to let himself be guided.

2. Rapidity: Measurement is done right away based on an on-screen frozen image. Results are provided within 20 seconds. The computed results could be saved and accessed later on for a-posteriori checks.

3. Accuracy: Thanks to the automatic search software, all the measurements needed for the lens centering are available from a single picture. The accuracy of the measurements is optimal.

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