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9 Customer Experience Strategies Your Tech Business Should Implement

If you want customers to sing your praises and stick with you for the long term, then you must figure out how to make their experience the best possible. It doesn’t really matter if you run a tech business or a small food cart at the local mall — the strategies are similar. Of course, there are some special considerations tech companies need to take into account, but the overreaching idea of creating an amazing experience remains the same. A recent survey of business owners found that about 75 percent of companies plan to increase investments in customer experience technology. Tech businesses fall into many different categories. You might offer offline help to local companies, such as IT services or … Continue Reading

Tres dimensiones La realidad aumentada está cambiando la forma de vender

Una tienda canadiense ya utiliza un “holodeck” como el de Star Trek para vender carpas y artículos de camping mostrando imagenes 3D en alta definición. La aplicación revolucionará la experiencia del comprador y ya se piensa en usarla para autos y casas. Las compras online están arruinando a los locales tradicionales por que son más cómodas y ofrecen mejores precios. Pero ahora, los comercios minoristas tienen su revancha de la mano de la ciencia ficción, que digo ficción, de la ciencia y de la alta tecnología. Te digo, viendo lo que está pasando hoy en día, los autores futuristas se quedaron cortos. Realidad aumentada. El sistema desarrollado por Finger Food Studios también permite que los ingenieros miren debajo del piso … Continue Reading

Shop connecté, boutiques sans salariés : à quoi ressemble le magasin du futur ?

  Après Amazon Go aux États-Unis, le groupe Casino a lancé « Le 4 Casino », un magasin « sans caisses ». De plus en plus d’initiatives de ce genre se développent aux quatre coins du monde et de la France. Une dynamique qui s’installe avec l’essor des nouvelles technologies qui occupent de plus en plus de place dans nos boutiques. Même les grands magasins se lancent dans ce domaine, à l’instar du Bon Marché qui a réalisé au printemps dernier une exposition sur le shopping du futur. Une tendance qui s’est retrouvée récemment au cœur de l’actualité avec l’ouverture de magasins « sans salariés». En fait, le magasin de demain existe depuis longtemps. Cela fait plusieurs années qu’Apple permet de se servir, de … Continue Reading

Why the ‘Voice Revolution’ Will Lead to a Boom to in Voice Commerce

Interacting with voice assistants is becoming a part of our daily lives. From smartphones and smart TVs to wearables and even microwaves, it’s hard to name a device that hasn’t been — or won’t soon be — enhanced with voice-enabled technology in some capacity. Despite its growth, voice assistant technology is a largely untapped resource. Consumers who do have voice assistants use them to perform simple tasks, but these complex devices are capable of much more than telling the time or the weather. Natural language processing technology is improving, and the more these voice-enabled devices learn, the better they are at understanding, performing and aiding consumers in a variety of tasks, including voice-enabled shopping. The Current State of Voice Commerce … Continue Reading

Are You Meeting & Exceeding Customer Expectations?

My new customer service keynote,A 2020 Service Strategy to Grow Your Business focuses on 5 specific strategies. Today’s article focuses on Step ONE. Evaluate what your organization needs to do to implement these important steps moving toward 2020: 1. Meet & Exceed Customer Expectations 2. Engage Employees Who Will Engage Customers 3. Be Millennial Savvy 4. Make It Right When Things Go Wrong 5. Build & Protect Customer Relationships Proactively Step 1: Meet & Exceed Customer Expectations In order to meet customer expectations, the first common sense service step is to KNOW your customers’ expectations! Recognize that expectations are different for every type of customer, every demographic, and every step on the customer journey. This step then, is not an easy one, but one that … Continue Reading