How can offline retailers meet online expectations?

Physical retailers are investing in tech to compete with e-commerce. Should they focus on the human element instead? Consumers have big expectations for retailers today. No longer are express delivery and free returns options nice-to-haves— competition in the thriving e-commerce space means members are vying to quench consumers’ need for instant gratification. At the same time, retailers are forced to hammer down prices across ever-expanding ranges thanks to price comparison tools and price-matching offers, making profits tighter than ever. While it’s tough out there in the digital realm, consumer expectations are overlapping into the physical world of retail too. Seeking an online experience According to UK research commissioned by REPL Group, more than half of CIOs and CTOs are investing … Continue Reading


If you will search for ‘how to enhance customer experience’ you can find a thousands of articles and blogs offering insights and stories about analysing and improving customer experience. These numerous results definitely showcase that ‘Customer Experience’ has become a new brand compelling leaders to come out with newer and innovative ways. Following the reality augmentation technologies, businesses have started employing augmented reality or AR to offer innovative way to support customers’ decision making during purchase. It also helps enhance overall customer experience. Below are the ways in which businesses are using AR to enhance customer experience. Enable Customers to Make Informed Decisions AR enables customers make informed decisions while buying certain products. For example, while purchasing furniture, retailers can … Continue Reading

Acep – Hong Kong Optical Fair : Huge attendance on our booth

Des lunettes connectées qui favorisent la concentration

L’entreprise Narbis vient de présenter une paire de lunettes intelligentes, dont les verresdeviennent plus opaques lorsque son porteur perd sa concentration. Elles seront proposées à la vente dès le 1er décembre 2019. À en croire la startup, ces lunettes « découragent la distraction et récompensent la concentration pendant la lecture, le travail sur écran, les révisions ou les devoirs ». Grâce à trois capteurs (un situé derrière chaque oreille et un autre niché sur le haut de la tête), les lunettes détectent si son porteur est détendu, distrait ou concentré. Lorsque le porteur des lunettes est déconcentré, les verres s’obscurcissent et voilent ainsi sa vision, tandis que lorsqu’il est détendu et concentré les verres sont parfaitement transparents. Une application dédiée permet … Continue Reading

Acep – Hong Kong International Optical Fair

Acep in Silmo 2019