ACEP, Jean-Philippe Sayag :

« Revolutionize the customer journey »

ACEP believes in anticipating opticians’ needs for sales-support solutions and offering them access to all the innovations and new-generation tools that are essential to their fast-changing profession. The business was created some 20 years ago and offers a range of high added-value measurement solutions, developed upstream with leading lens manufacturers, to respond to the needs of eyewear customers and the specific features of the latest-generation lenses. As the inventor of the first systems to help customers choose their frames in 1994, the first touch-screens in 1997 and the Smart Kiosk column in 2000, ACEP continues to innovate and is now offering tablet-based solutions: Smart Mirror Mobile in addition to its measurement systems.

Acep Eye Note

Tablet-based solutions integrate the most powerful augmented-reality simulations on the market and help the optician to advise customers with presbyopia on choosing progressive lenses for their near-vision requirements. ACEP devotes over 28 % of its sales to research and development and has its own production and R&D centre in the Loiret region of France to guarantee the reliability, ease of use and precision of its systems. Opticians operate in a fiercely competitive environment and are faced with a clear need to set themselves apart following the arrival of the internet in the market. ACEP’s solutions can help strengthen their image as professionals and bolster their range of high-end lenses while saving valuable time thanks to their ease of use.

“Jean-Philippe Sayag, President and CEO of the company ACEP France presents its company specializing in the measurement of progressive lenses via iPads, and assistance in the choice of glasses through augmented reality. With a turnover up 15% in the first quarter of 2018, ACEP continues to innovate thanks to the Research Tax Credit and even launches into artificial intelligence” TV Finance.

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