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Smart Mirror sells more lens options than the best-trained staff could. It does that by presenting the options as information, not as sales pitch. The patients love the professional manner of the presentation, and my staff loves the ease of delivery of the information to the patient.

L. Ernst


A good salesperson is going to really use the Smart Mirror as a tool and point out the pros and cons of each frame, including the front, sides, details, and things like AR and tints, this is what it takes to close the sale.

J. Bonizio

Metro Optics

We have worked with A.B.S. since early 2000 and our relationship has continued to grow ever since. We have distributed an overwhelming number of their products (listed below) and it has been very beneficial not only to the growth of our company, but more importantly, to the growth of our customers. Using their products has allowed our Doctor’s to demonstrate to their patients the latest lens technology in the optical industry. They continue to advance their products to give the optical industry the very latest in technology. As you can see the progression of their products has kept Interstate Optical on the cutting edge of this technology: Smart Mirror Smart Look Smart Centration The latest is the A.B.S. APP Again, we embrace our relationship with A.B.S. as we continue to grow our business together.

Tom Risacher

Interstate Optical Company, Ohio

La colonne ACEP est un matériel de haute technicité complet et design qui donne de la valeur ajoutée à notre métier. Avec ses prises de mesures ultra précises et ses différentes fonctionnalités, nous pouvons équiper nos porteurs avec le plus grand soin et surtout avec professionnalisme. La possibilité également de prendre jusqu’à 4 clichés pour pouvoir en faire une comparaison est un vrai plus et permet enfin d’aider les porteurs à se projeter avec un nouveau modèle en VOYANT réellement ce que ça donne. Le gros point fort et différenciant de cet outil est la prise en compte de la VP grâce à l’Ipad: cette avancée technologique permet non seulement d’éviter les inadaptations mais aussi de monter en gamme et de pouvoir proposer du personnalisé à nos clients en s’appuyant sur des faits concrets et sérieux. En définitive, je ne regrette pas du tout d’avoir équiper mon magasin de la colonne Acep et la recommande sans hésiter!

Marie Birembaux

Chez LUNETTES-A-DOM à Verdun-sur-Garonne

This is the most rewarding event in the history of our practice. It makes a superb illustration, which allows us to give patients a visualization and perception of our products, as opposed to sales pitch. They love to tell their friends about Smart Mirror, which markets us to the whole community. Thank You.

B. Fait


We wanted to take just a quick moment here to express our sincerest thanks to you and the Smart Mirror family for your tremendous level of help and support this past year. As Toledo Optical launched our new private label Progressive lens series, the Visionary, last year… we knew that we needed to find an exciting and dynamic tool which would not only help our customers to take a better and refined set of fitting measurements – but a tool which would also breathe new life into the dispensing process and allow us to add a more defining “WOW” factor to the overall patient experience. Throughout this process, the Smart Mirror technology – along with your support… have allowed us to increase market share and improve our overall profitability. Please know how much we appreciate this level of on-going support, and we thank you for your contribution to our success. All the best

J. Szymanski

V. P. Toledo - Optical Laboratory

The Smart Mirror is a powerful tool that aides in all aspects of lifestyle dispensing, increasing patient satisfaction and sales. Proud owners of the Smart Mirror, so proud we just purchased another for our second office.


Indiana Eye Clinic